AppsForte believes that diversity of suppliers and inclusion is a key part of the company’s success. Our Supplier Diversity & Inclusion program aims to ensure that businesses with diverse ownership, control or operations become valued partners and grow with AppsForte.

Many programs support our spending goals, such increasing the visibility of small and diverse suppliers and social enterprises in our worldwide purchasing platform and hosting buyer-supplier matchmaking events. We also help suppliers qualify for our Supplier Diversity & Inclusion program or help them grow to meet AppsForte’s needs through mentoring programs and by connecting suppliers to external resources. In addition, AppsForte supports and partners with various advocacy organizations around the world to identify diverse suppliers and social enterprises and to support their development.

We set ambitious goals for our program and work hard to meet or exceed them.  Increasing our diverse supplier base—and engaging all suppliers on the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion—helps us contribute to improved social and economic outcomes and reflects the diversity of our patients and stakeholders around the world.


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